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*Furno Khamal.
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A bloodline of taller-than-average, classy horses developed for international Sporting and Show Ring events. The Selket bloodline was founded by the late Mr. James Andreson more than 50 years ago and it is now based on his 16.2 Hand halter champion, *Furno Khamal, foaled in Germany.

Selket Arabians

Louchiano Video

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Fate of the Stallion
documentary featuring Selket Louchiano.

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The film is finished and being shopped to TV networks and feature film producers. As soon as we have a firm broadcast date, we will announce it. Many thanks to everyone who was part of this exciting adventure. It couldn't have been done without you.

Many — many — thanks to the musicians, writers and singers who brought the musical score to life. David Giro' in Spain, we take our hats off to you. Rick Sudor, you are a Sound Engineer without equal and a pleasure to work with. John and the others at JKM Productions, you were generous far beyond our expectations during those 12 and 15 hour days.

Many thanks, also, to other great and talented professionals who have photographed the Selket horses over the years: Mary Love Day ... Stuart Vesty ... Javan ... Johnny Johnston ... Rick & Jen Fett ... Maxine Bochnia ... Susan McAdoo ... Deb Cameron ... Ferrarra ... Seehorse Video ... Polly Knoll ... Patti Sisson Murphy ... Scott Trees ... J. R. Little ... and so many skilled horse show photographers ... (We hope we didn't forget anyone!) ... You made them look beautiful.


Inquiries for becoming a proud Selket Arabian
Owner or Representative — national and international — are invited.


Hickory Corners, Michigan
Manheim, Pennsylvania


James Andreson