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Arabian Racing

Many people wonder about the costs - AND REVENUES - associated with Arabian horseracing. We would like to thank the Texas Arabian Racing Association for the following information which they so generously prepared and mailed to the international Arabian horse community online, via ...

Costs of showing Costs of Racing Revenues of Racing, purses paid per race
Board & Training $730.00 per month Board & Training $1050.00 per month
Class A Show $630.00 Regular Race $0.00* $4000 - $7500
Regional Show $1089.00 Small Stake Race $200.00* $9000 - $10,000
Scottsdale $2321.00 Medium Stake Race $300.00* $15,000 - $20,000
Canada $2036.00 Premium Stake $1,800.00* $45,000 - $100,000
U.S. Nationals $3179.00 Cup Championships $0.00 to
4- 6% of the purse**
$50,000 - $110,000

*It should be noted that although there is no cost to enter a regular race, you do have to pay your jockey for your horse at the race. Jockeys are licensed riders hired through the race track; you or your trainer name the rider you want when you enter the race. Losing mount fees are as low as $38 to the jockey and winning mount fees are up to 10% of your winnings. The races pay to the first five finishers, and in some cases to sixth place.

**Cup Championship races have NO fees for entry if your horse is nominated. However you can participate and win money if your horse is not nominated; you simply pay an entry fee. The Cup program allows breeders and owners to nominate their runner for life for $500. This is a program similar to Breeders Sweepstakes. (Racing has been omitted from the B.S. program.) It should also be noted that some states have very lucrative breeders programs surrounding racing. The Texas program pays Texas-Bred Arabian horses, their sires, and mare owners, EXTRA money any time the runner comes in first, second or third in a race. The fee to nominate as a lifetime runner to the Arabian Texas-Bred program (legislated by the Texas Racing Act) is only $35 for your weanlings.

The board and training rates for racing may be lower than quoted in the chart above. Racing costs for this comparison were based on average Texas numbers. It is not uncommon to find trainers in Texas, Michigan, Colorado and other states who offer rates as low as $25 per day, equating to $750 per month. However in venues like Delaware and California, where feed and other costs are higher, the board/training rates may be as high as $45 per day. These costs can be offset, though, because the regular race purses are also higher (you have opportunity to win more money, $9200 to $11,900 with $0.00 to enter). Race trainers in all states are professionals, must pass a 3 section test of written and demonstration exams to be licensed by the state racing associations, and must adhere to strict standards to maintain their licensing.

The point to businessmen and businesswomen is that when racing Arabian horses:

There are many levels at which to play, but ALL play for a revenue stream that comes from the public audience... not from the horse owner's pocket. Make sense for the Arabian owner and breeder? You bet!