Selket Angelina

(Selket Angelo x Raspberry Bey V)

Angelina is one of those classy ladies who come along once in a lifetime. From the time she was born, this daughter of Selket Angelo has known she's a star . . . and she is living up to it. Angelina was Supreme Champion of the Michigan Breeders Futurity (helping her sire to win the Get-of-Sire Class) and she is getting "On With The Show" with many high hopes.


Video of Selket Angelina as a Weanling



Video of Selket Angelina as a Yearling


Kira El Khamal

(*Furno Khamal  x *Kiraa GSAB)

Our premier mare, dam of some of the most outstanding Selket horses. Kira El Khamal blessed us with a colt by the name of Selket Angelo(by Da Vinci FM) in 2003. An outstanding bay and quite an individual, Selket Angelo  is being retained as our Junior sire and as such he is Sweepstakes nominated, and a Sweepstakes nominated sire. 2004 was the year that Selket Athena(by Da Vinci FM) chestnut filly with a flaxen mane and tail graced our pastures looking very exotic and feminine like her dam.


Selket Athena

(Da Vinci FM x Kira el Khamal)

A feminine, exotic , athletic, chestnut mare standing 15.3 hands as a 2 year old.

Selket Athena Video Here

Selket MisticLady

(*Furno Khamal x Mistical Lady)

16 hand, broodmare supreme with powerful english action.  She has produced Selket Exotico(by Echo Bey IA) a chestnut show mare; Selket Louchiano(by Da Vinci FM) a bay 16 hand show stallion proudly owned by Ron Hevener; Selket Leo (by Da Vinci Fm) a bay high stepping gelding and a 2007 Paint filly to the world class warm blood stallion Sempatico.

Selket Magdalen

(*Pattrone x Magketa [*Mag x HK Narketa])

Selket MagdalenBay, 1995 straight Russian mare that is exotic, with huge eyes and great drive from the rear (which I demand from all my horses) She excells in the breeding shed having produced Selket Dauer (by *Furno Khamal) bay colt owned by Kim and Erik Pierson, of Michigan;Selket MuLawn(by *Furno Khamal)is a 2003 exotic bay mare;Then came Selket First Frost(by Selket Advocate) a big grey exotic 2004 filly; followed by Selket Matrex(also by Selket Advocate) who is a 2005 grey geldiing that is very athletic, typey and has a great personality.  2006 saw her first offspring by Da Vinci FM.

Selket Khamala

(*Furno Khamal  x Ima Lady)

KhamalaSelket Khamala is one of the closest to perfection of any mare I have seen in the 45 years that I have raised Purebred Arabians.  She is a consummate athlete standing over 16 hands and yet ultra-feminine and extremely exotic with one of the shortest heads and biggest eye making her a brood mare supreme.  Her offspring all have her traits which are athletic ability, size, refinement and a gorgeous head topped off with a huge set of eyes. Khamala is the Dam of the world-renowned Selket Marque (by Marwan al Shaqab) who is proudly owned by David Caines and Scott Bailey, of Stonewall Farm &

KhamalaKhamala is a mare of incredible power and force. A 16.1 Hand daughter of our 16.2 HandWorld Champion, *Furno Khamal, she was sold as a weanliing to a sheikh for $150,000. Before she could be shipped, she jumped a fence and was injured, requiring tendon surgery. The blemish made her no longer acceptable for the Royal Stable, and (although the sheikh still wanted her) Selket Arabians returned the money. It's a decision we have never regretted and Khamala went on to be one of our greatest treasures. Bred to World Champion Marwan, she produced the international sensation, Selket Marque. After that, she produced a filly to the sire of World Champions, Ghazal.

Khamala is currently booked to another international sire (we will announce his name officially after the birth of the foal). Thank you for appreciating Selket Khamala.

Selket Da Vita:

Sex: Filly
Sire: DaVinci FM
Dam: Selket Khadence
D.O.B.: 2004
Color: Bay
Misc: Sweepstakes nominated; quality halter potential.

Da Vita
Selket DaVita Video Here.

Da Vita


(*Mag x HK Narketa [*Nariadni xParketa {*Muscat}])

MagketaGrey, 1990 Russian standing at 15 hands, she is very exotic, with a beautiful head, a lot of style, presence, and animation.  She has produced Selket Patriotik, Magketa el Khamal, Selket Magdalen, Selket Maria, Selket Madison, and Selket My Oh My. She is one of best producing straight Russian mares, her foal Selket Madison is for sale. Magketa el Khamal, her daughter by *Furno Khamal, is now owned by Stefan and Billie Long of New York.

In foal for 2008 to Selket Angelo (DA Vinci FM x Kira El Khamal [*Furno Khamal x *Kiraa GSAB]).

Preferred Time

(*Pattrone [Patron x Nefisa] x Promises [Ansata Ibn Halima x Panama of Tersk])


15 hand 1986 chestnut mare. P.T. is a very exotic mare with correct confirmation, good action, level topline and show quality. She has been shown in hunt with good success and has done very well in halter, but her real ability lies in being a broodmare supreme. Her first foal was by Pyatgorsek (Moment in time) a bay 16 hand gelding. The rest of her foals are by *Furno Khamal such as; Selket Mirror owned by Marlene Reider, Selket Klinique, SelketPromise Kept, Selket Xerxes owned by Coyote Pass Arabians and Selket Prime Time owned by Tanna Fredrick. She had one colt by Selket Royal Red prior to his exportation to Lebanon called Selket Red Czar and owned by Stefan and Billie Long of New York.

Selket My Oh My

(*Furno Khamal x Magketa)

My Oh My as a yearlingA 2001 model is a full sister to Madison, Maria,and Magketa el Khamal.  She is a tall(almost 16 hands at 3) exotic with a short, broad, very typey head supporting large eyes as well.  She is very athletic and has never placed below Reserve when shown.

Selket Khadence

( *Furno Khamal x Selket Rashana)

A beautiful bay 1993 mare with the largest dark lipid eye ever.  She is a full sibling to Selket Robin who won several working pony hunter East Coast shows.  She is also a very typey athletic mare that is a super producer.

Selket Promise Kept

(*Furno Khamal x Preferred Time[*Pattrone x Promises{*Ansata Ibn Halima x *Panama of Tersk}])

A beautiful, exotic, strong short back and super coupling combined with an awesome body structure and very correct legs.  Add to that tail over the back large dark eyes and you have a tremendous bay broodmare. She has produced two foals by Marwan al Shaqab, on of which was exported to Lady Gina Pelham, of Argentina, and the other is being retained by Full Moon Arabians as there Jr. sire.  Promise Kept is a dark bay standing 15.1 1/2 hands tall and is a 2001 model, who is Sweepstakes Nominated.

Selket Tinker Bell

(*Furno Khamal x OA Titiana[*Muscat x Isshara])

Peter Pan Tinker is a chestnut 1997 model who combines a flawless confirmation with exotic type and great action.  She stands 14.2 hands tall  Tinkerbell is the dam of Selket Peter Pan.

Raspberry Bey V

(Huckleberry Bey V x Rasraina)

AHR#324835 a chestnut 1985 mare that has quite a stellar career in Country English as well as English Pleasure winning and placing  Regional, Scottsdale and National Shows.  In foal for a 2008 foal by Selket Louchiano.

Silver Namen

(*Namen[Namek x *Nissa] x Silver Flarette [a double Silver Drift and Tornado mare])

A national hunter champion in open and reserve national hunter champion amateur owner to ride.  She is a stunning alabastor white mare.

Selket Passion

(Selket Patriotik x Nomevelle)

Selket Passion a 1999 model is a blood bay sporting four coronets, straight Russian and a real exotic athlete. She has produced one foal Selket Stalin(by *Furno Khamal) owned by Brigadoon Arabians of North Carolina. This mare is definitely a show mare.

Selket Madison

(*Furno Khamal x Magketa)

A bay 2001 mare who has a great phenotype as well as genotype. This is extremely athletic mare.

Selket Mercedes

(Selket Mazaratti x Kira el Khamal)

A solid honey chestnut mare that is the ultimate athlete as well as being extremely typey. 

Selket Klinique

(*Furno Khamal x Magketa)

A 1998 chestnut mare that stands 15 hands and 3 plus inches.  She is a great broodmare and has produced Selket Beau Laro((by NV Beau Bey) Selket Obsession(by Da Vinci FM) and owned by Full moon arabians, Selket Maxx Factor(by Sempatico[ the hot pinto Odenberg stallion owned by Silverwood farm]) and is proudly owned by Gloria Culp. In foal for 2008 to Selket Louchiano.

Selket Khahluah

(*Furno Khamal x *Spierings Moshaiskaia [Kilimanjaro x Mykene])

A dark bay 1996 model of extreme refinement, femininety, and yet a super athlete who consistently produces  extreme quality over and over.  Khahlauh has produced a gelding by Echo Bey IA, a stud colt by Eclipse, and a filly Selket Mystique Vision by Da Vinci FM owned by David Caines and Scott Bailey.

Selket Mistical Song

(*Furno Khamal x Mistical Lady)

A dark bay 1996 model who is a power house combined with extreme type and action.  A great broodmare and is following in her full sisters(Selket MisticLady) hoof steps.  She produced a 2003 bay filly Selket Sygnet( by Magnnitude EA) who is tall, typey and the consumate athlete with a neck that goes into the next county, :). Her 2006 chestnut filly Selket Sonata(by Selket Angelo) is also a super athlete as well as being a super show filly. Currently in foal to Selket Louchiano for 2008.

Selket Mulawn:

MouloanReg.#: 613259

Sire: *Furno Khamal

Dam: Selket Magdalen

D.O.B.: 2003

Color: Bay

Selket Mulawn(*Furno Khamal x Selket Magdalen[*Pattrone x Magketa]) Bay 2003 mare combining all the Russian greats in one very structurally correct, Exotic, athlete. She contracted EPM when she was 2 and that prohibited her attaining her optimum height. Mulawn is one of those mares that will compliment almost any stallion. Currently in foal to Selket Angelo for 2008.

Dixie Chic

(Al Jeffe x *Kira)

A chestnut 1999 model being out of the supreme world famous mare Kira who had produced five European champions prior to her importation here where she assumed the name KiraaGASB.  She produced several outstanding individuals for us as well , but due to her valuable bloodlines almost all were put immediately into production.  Dixie produced a 2004 bay colt called Selket Da Yankee(by Da Vinci FM) and is owned by Jill VanDamme of Michigan UP. 

Selket Lady Sarah

(Selket Advocate x Silver Namen(*Namen x out of a tornado double Silver Drift mare) 

This filly's mom has won numerous national and regional ribbons in Hunter. She appears to be a chip off the old block.

Selket First Frost

(Selket Advocate[*Furno Khamal x *Ninaska[Aswan and out of a Nabeg daughter] x Selket Magdalen)

A 2004 Grey mare. She would make a good Racing prospect.

Our Racing Stock


(*Furno Khamal x *Wanezia)

WillowOur replacement for her dam that we lost in 2005. She is our 1990 grey model and is a super broodmare having produced well for her former owners producing a filly and colt by Sheik di La Bayia,*Pattrone, Selket Royal Red, and we have left her open for 2007. She has 4 crosses to Comet and that is very much in demand these days.


Selket Willhelmina (Selket Royal Red[Selket Mystery x *KiraGASB] x Selket Willow[*Furno Khamal x *Wanezia])

A Grey 2004 filly that is the result of breeding a Khamal daughter to a Khamal grandson who was out of *KiraGASB(Khamal's aunt being a full sister to his sire, Kapello). We are very pleased with the results, as Willahemina is Sport Horse personified with superior structure and movement. She is definitely our choice as an ideal Sport Horse example. She should be able to run as well. Willhelmina stands 15.2 at 2 years of age.

Sex: Mare
Sire: Selket Royal Red
Dam: Selket Willow
D.O.B.: 2004 Color: Grey
Misc: Superb Sport Horse candidate.


#0616522 (Nugui El Khamsin x MX Contessa)

15 H Bay Mare, 2002. Currently in race training for Delaware Park. This mare is "All Business." A tough competitor for anyone to come up against.


#0617559 (Nugui El Khamsin x Badaliah)

15 H Chestnut/Flaxen Mare. Currently in race training for Delaware Park. Classy and feminine, showing the heritage of her dam (a daughter of the great * Badr, one of the last foals born at the Royal Stables of Egypt. These horses were bred for racing).


#0452813 (* Tamerlan x YS Blue Ribbons)

15.3 H Bay Mare, 1990. Broodmare. Stakes-winning producer. Stylish, nice moving mare. Annessa is the dam of Michigan's Race Colt of the Year for 2005. Currently in foal to Selket Louchiano for 2008.


#0585246 (T C Tomtyr x MG Annessa)

15.2 H Bay Mare, 1999. Broodmare. Daughter of Darley Winner T C Tomtyr and stakes-winning producer dam.


#0443198 (Bobbies Sam x FWF Nagarin)

16 H Grey Mare. Broodmare. Race Winner and producer of race winners running in Europe and the Middle East. Big, racey-looking mare.


#0561360 (FMR Grand Jette x Dance The Tide)

15 H Chestnut Mare, 1998. Broodmare. Excellent racing conformation.


Pending. (* Ala Croixnoire x Larissah)

Bay Filly, 4/12/05. This big filly is bred for racing if ever there was one. Sired by the French race-winning and producer of race winners, Ala Croixnoire. Her dam is a full sister of a stakes winner. Her grand dam is a producer of race winners. This filly is set for a racing career and she is receiving the best of everything. Foaled at Rigbie Farm, Maryland.