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Selket Arabians Joins Forces With South Carolina Farm

Expanding its racing and show ring activities, The Selket Arabians have joined forces with Brigadoon Arabians of South Carolina. Brigadoon, owned and managed by Marion Hodgeson, who made her mark in the dog show world with Yorskshire Terriers, encompasses a herd of Russian bloodlines including stallions sired by Moment and Furno Khamal. "Marion's stallion, Selket Stalin, is one of Khamal's youngest and most well-bred sons," said Ron Hevener, manager of The Selket Arabians. "We are thrilled and honored to be working together to protect and develop the bloodline as promised to the founder of Selket Arabians, Jim Andreson, who started the bloodline 55 years ago." The farms are developing a successful strain of Arabian sport horses for international competition in Racing, Dressage and Conformation.    

Celebrated Collie Lochranza Lionheart

Celebrated Collie Lochranza Lionheart, bred, owned and trained by author Meredith Moore, of Elizabethton, Tennessee, has passed away. His death comes at a time when the Lochranza Collies and Ms. Moore's Blue Collar Collies training kennel were working together on an important phase of the Lochranza Collie bloodline. Ms. Moore has been a part of the Lochranza Kennels since her purchase of a Mahogany Sable male, from whom she went on to concentrate the blood of dogs like Ch. Amberlyn's Bright Tribute, Ch. Asil Who's Who and Ch. Triumph's Baby Sergeant York, among others inher quest to prove that Collies are not only show dogs, but skilled and talented workers in herding as well. Our condolences go out to Meredith Moore.


Hats off to all the winners and all the entries of the Arabian Breeders WorldCup in Las Vegas -- Not only did the classy Selket Marque make an impressive appearance, but his paternal half-brother FA El Shawan trotted off with "Supreme Champion Senior Stallion" ....... Many congratulations to his management team -- especially to our friend Rodolpho Guzzo of Brazil -- and to Shawan's breeder, Marlene Reider. Shawan's full sister, Selket Marlaina, is a prized young mare in the Selket herd.  - RH.

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